New BJD Hats and Handbags

I thought I would make a few more hats, well a girl/doll just cannot have too many shoes I know but I think that this might also be true of hats.


So a few evenings and the occasional afternoon later.


Blue Bobble Hat


Smart City Shopping Hat


Casual Sunny Day Hat


They make up so well and of course the best bit is the trimmings. And as my ribbons, braids, beads and flowers are in such good order now.


Boho Hat


Understated Elegant BJD Hat


Another Boho Style BJD Hat


Sunny Sunday Hat



But the story does not end there. If a doll/girl cannot have enough shoes and hats well perhaps a few new handbags would be in order.


So another few evenings and afternoons and whollah….


Smart Handbag


Casual Shopper Handbag

And once again I could lay may hand on any ribbon or bead I wanted.  Well I’am just bragging now of course.

Jade Green Shopping Tote


Pretty Pink and Coral


Pink for a Lady


Roomy Yellow Handbag


I think I must have covered every occasion or need by now!




About maureenclayton

I am an expat Brit now living in Poland. I have always tried to find time to try my hand at many creative crafts now I find I have more time to explore the creative world. I have always had a love of dolls. As a child I was always trying to make new clothes and accessories for my dolls. I also amassed a large Paper Doll Collection (which I still have!) Then I progressed to antique dolls and still loved making authentic clothing for them. And also made my own reproduction dolls from scratch. Now I have discovered the world of BJD dolls and the process starts again. I have not got many dolls at the moment but I am trying very hard to change that.
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