Feeple 65

Fairyland Feeple 65


I have recently treated myself to a new BJD. A Feeple 65 from Fairyland http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=760

This is the first 65cm ball jointed doll I have bought.  She was a bit daunting at first opening the box and lifting this large and heavy specimen of dollery.  But after I had “played” with for a while and discovered her marvelous ability to pose I soon over came any trepidation I had.

The default eyes she came with were red which I am not too keen on (I have used a red eye reduction in the picture above) and I realised that I did not have a wig to fit. I have ordered some new ones from Leekeworld I was in time to order their Blind Wig Sale but they only had fantasy colours left.  So I might be pleasantly surprised or miffed!

In the meantime I am using a wig that is too small so I have cut a slit in the back and held it on with a piece of ribbon.  She does not look very elegant from the back, bald in fact but from the front I think it gives her a rather wild and exotic look.

Victorian Style CombinationsI then set too making her some new outfits.

Here is a selection of photos of them.


A couple of pairs of Victorian style combinations with plenty of lace and ribbons.


A gypsy outfit to make her look wild and sultry.


And finally a “Wiggle” Dress.


Hope you like them.









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Time To Go To Work?

I have made a couple of smart dresses for Leya my Dream of Doll MSD sized doll.

They turned out looking like something an office worker or secretary would wear.

Cezch Crystal

Cezch Crystal

Black and White Dress

Black and White Dress

The necklace and bracelet are made from some Cezch Crystal Beads which I bought on a recent visit there.

Mohair Bolero

Mohair Bolero

The bolero I knitted from very fine grey mohair.  Oh my aching eyes the stiches were so tiny!

Tight Fit

Tight Fit

I wanted them to be tight fitting so I put a zip in the back. A tricky job when the top of the dress is white and the bottom black and I had to change cottons half way through sewing.

MSD Dress 2MSD Dress and BoleroBoth dress are the same except the lace down the front is different and the colour of the beads are also different.

MSD Dress Necklace and Bracelet



MSD Dress 4JPG

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Lots of Lovely Lace BJD Dresses

I Love Lace!


Been busy working on some new dresses. As I love working with lace I thought I would give all the girls new dresses. 


They all have crocheted lacy tops made from a nice silky cotton with a picot edge. Then the skirts were made from various pieces of lace and pleated voile materials.  


They were great to make separately but when I put them all together for a group photograph I was pleased with the results.









First a dress for Elin an Iplehouse BID Doll








Then a similar one for Hana my Blue Fairy Doll 






Then finally a more sophisticated version for older “Sis” Dream of Doll Leya








So no one left out no one feeling jealous……… well perhaps just one……ME!



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Some New BJD Dresses

New BJD Dresses

I have been busy putting together some new looks for my Dream of Doll girl Leya.

A light frothy number made of voile and with a shawl made from a piece of antique lace material and vintage lace edging.



A couple of quaint dresses and half bonnets made from “tea dyed” cotton with matching dyed lace.

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Blue Fairy BJD New Clothes

Romper Suits for Hana a Blue Fairy Shiny Fairy BJD Doll

Still a few more sunny days of summer to look forward to. So have made a couple of breezy little outfits for Hana my Blue Fair, Shiny Fairy.  No sure what I can call them? They have a crochet bodice which is attached to cut off pants. So “Rompers?” or could I use a good old fashions name like “Sunsuit?”

First one in blue with a blue floral to match. I love making these little hats they are bit of a fiddle but I like the way they come out. I did make them for my Iplehouse Elin so maybe these are a tad big for this doll?


Then thought the outfit needed something to give it a bit of a lift so added a necklace made out of some small wooded beads. Seemed to do the trick.

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New BJD Dresses for Leya

Three More BJD Dresses

Time to get the sewing machine out again I can feel my fingers itching to start new projects again. So once again Leya my Dream of Doll BJD is the lucky recipient.

I love whitework, so once again I used some of my dwindling stock of lovely white swiss cotton. (I checked the price of it from my usual stockist and got a shock at the price now!) Spent some quality time matching up lace, Broadaire Anglaise, and some lovely new silky french seam binding that I have just got.

And here are the results. The first is similar to one I made a while ago. Slightly different laces and colours but I loved the “kitten ears” last time so had some fun making them once again.

Then again I used the white cotton but this time edged and decorated with some dramatic contrasting black lace and purple ribbon.

I loved making the top hat and thought next time I could try to make a more “Gothlike” outfit. Maybe make the dress in grey and use black and purple trims again. And I think that a Top Hat would be right for a Goth outfit too.

For the next one I decided on a change and used some silk material.  I recently got some pieces of “Sari Silk” which is so soft and light its lovely but so difficult to work with. It slips about a lot and it will fray if you just look at it sideways! So I had to work carefully with it but the resulting dress I am pleased with so it was worth the effort. I again used some silky seam binding but held off using any lace, other than on the underskirt, as the material is patterned I thought it would start to look too busy. Less is more so they say.

But I could not resist a bit more decorativeness so made a mulberry flower and lead headdress.

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BJD Fantasy Costume

Fancy New Costume for Leya Dream of Doll BJD

I started out with a piece of material that looked like it would make a nice puff sleeve and then everything just followed on from there.

First I made an under dress and knickers.  Which could also double up as a dress or sleepwear.  I decided to “tea dye” the fabric to give it a slightly vintage look and because I love the colour you can get from this method.

Then I started to make the jacket out of some square patterned cotton. I  even remembered to match up the pattern in the front! Then added a peplum and a bow to accentuate the back. I edged it all around with some already cream vintage lace which I used to lace the front up with some cording.

The original light red wig looked good with the little dress but the rest of the outfit needed something with a bit more funkyness so I put on her wild and woolly mohair wig just to jazz things up.

And rounded the whole outfit out with a crazy top hat and some zany purple stockings. What more could a girl/doll want?

Nuff said off for a rest.


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